Real Magic

 The first question people have, especially the young is, is magic real ? Yes and No. Real Magic is not flying around on a broom playing Quidditch, nor is it transforming your enemy into a goat. Magic is very complex. It can relate to thinking about someone, and that same day they call. It can be using Divine energy to heal yourself or another person. I have had great success with healing trees and sick animals. Humans have egos and karma, so healing them is much more difficult. This energy is sometime called “Reiki” or “Qigong”, etc..

    Magic can be the art of Sacred Geometry, it can be learning to leave your body and astral traveling to view other events. Telekinesis (The Force/ moving objects with your mind) is also attainable by true masters. The ability to perceive events before they happen (Precognition) is also real. Each seeker can develop one or more skills in a life time. 

   Many now are confused by the Star Wars movies having the ghost of Obi Wan Kenobi and later Yoda and then Luke's appearance. These are not “Force Ghosts” . The presence of a deceased master is called an Ascended Master. A being who has finished all his/her incarnations, life lessons and karma, and has learned to lower their vibration to our density for the purpose of teaching. There are many legends of this through out cultures and time. When Luke appears to save the day, while sitting on a rock in mediation on a different planet, he is using a magic called Bi-location. A very advance ability indeed. 

   Any power you gain comes from discipline and mastery. Some people are born with gifts, but these gifts are actually attained from learning the ways of a Djedhi through many previous lifetimes. You don't just decide one day to move objects with your mind and it happens. The most important part of being a successful Magi, is why are you doing magic or learning magic? Is it because it is cool and because you want others to think you are special? You will not be a success if it comes from ego and not loving purpose. 

   Knowing instinctively that a child is about to be hit by a car, and without looking pulling them to safety with automatic movements, or healing your friend's cat when the vet gave no hope. Those are valid reasons for doing magic, and then a trained, dedicated student will be successful. The true reason for learning magic is because it is part of the path to enlightenment. It is part of your souls make up and possible to become one with the Divine Mind and all creation. Christ said in Luke 17:21 “ The Kingdom of God is Within”. 

   Another unique form of magic is prayer. Masaru Emoto did a famous experiment where he took a sample of water from a polluted lake in Japan and then froze it. Under the microscope, a drop looked like a disease sample. He then had a Buddhist Monk pray over the sample for .5 hours. The same sample under the microscope now formed a beautiful crystal.   
  Intent, thought, and action all play a large role in magic. Masaru Emote's work also showed how speaking to, or writing on a water sample could literally change it's structure under the microscope. Be mindful of your words and even your thoughts. Remember we are all sons and daughters of the Divine in training. Christ said “ One day all of you will do greater things than even I”.

   An important note on prayer. It is not a Genie granting your every wish. Praying that those who don't believe in the exact same religion as you will get their comeuppance is not valid or enlightened reason to pray. There are as many paths to God/Goddess as there are people in the universe, yet all the answers are within. For those who want to devote their life to walking the “Golden Path”, Elf Stone is here to help you discover your True Devine Nature.

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