What is Elf Stone?

The Journey of this began many years ago. As just a boy, our founder had an interest in knights, the unexplained, and all things magical or related to God. Like most children, Star Wars made an indelible impression with it's universal approach to the Devine. 

   Acclaimed novelist Anne Rice wrote of an organization called the Talamasca. As a teen he was inspired by this, and was set on a mission to bring this type of institution to the real world. On the way he learned of the mystery schools, and the mission was transformed. Although faithful to dream of the Talamasca, Elf Stone would become place for scholars to find research material, be educated by teachers with direct knowledge, and have a physical place to commune with others with a common passion. Although sometimes referred to as somewhere between Hogwarts and a Jedi Temple, the truth is we hope to make this all three of those combined. 

   Our major goal is to bring people of all faiths together, to lean in honesty about each other's traditions, in an attempt to promote peace and understanding through knowledge and brotherly love. 

   Elf Stone is not a church of any kind, nor do we subscribe to or promote a single religious dogma. With tolerance, light, and fun, we hope to offer an environment to explore your interest in the Devine and the mysteries of life.

   The second forum we hope for, is to help those who are now become conscience for the first time. In the immortal words of Frank Herbert " The sleeper has awoken". With the new light being shed on the world from mass awakening, the internet, films like "Zeitgeist" and now the brilliant work called "Thrive", we hope to intertwine the ancient mysteries with the current blossoming of mankind. Together we can shed the shackles of oppression and ignorance, restore balance to the earth and create our own future.  
       Ancient mysteries schools are a tradition of learning from the mists of time. They are thought to have existed in the antediluvian (pre great flood) world. It is taught, that we were once a great and advance civilization, but the masters knew that the world was about to change. They copied down all the great knowledge on stone and emerald tablets and spread across the world. They journeyed to Britain and taught the Druids, then went to Egypt and started the Djedhi (pronounced Jedi) a group that if Moses existed would have been trained by. They spread all around the Mediterranean, starting the Eleusinian mysteries schools. Other students were in the Americas, there are the Nagas of India and the Lung of China  

   But then ... the last ice age melted, and sea levels rose 400 feet in a very short time. This is where the hundreds of flood/deluge myths around the world come from, the bible is just one of many. After almost every piece of civilization was destroyed, or was now under water, 99.9% of mankind (That survived) was back in the stone age, the masters began again to train the people.    

   It took thousands of years, but then as if almost overnight, grand cities began to pop up once more in Babylon, Ur, Giza, Olmec, India and more. People went from being humble farmers to grand builders of temples and monuments.
   The mysteries schools rebuilt, became beacons of light once more, until the dark ages when Rome, and those who followed, did everything under heaven to demonize it's masters, burn it's books and smash it's temples.

 For 1500 years the the knowledge lay hidden, only taught to a secret few. Many early Christian priests and monks were really masters in disguise, and often books were hidden right in the church libraries to preserve them from the bonfires of the wicked. Recent archeological finding using Google earth, and underwater dives have now proven many of these legends true. 

Our mission is to relight the beacons and become the lamp bearers once more, to teach the Hermetic Mysteries & to train new initiates. We will teach such subjects as comparative religion, but from the point of those who truly know. Other topics include, sacred geometry, herbology, esoteric anthropology & archeology, ancient music and arts, lost cultures, sonic & vibratory healing, quantum physics, consciousness field theory ( a new field using science to find God rather than dispel it) and so much more. With warmest hearts we welcome you.

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