There will be no set dollar amount for classes, events or lectures. Instead we believe in a "value for value" exchange. If you are unable to make a financial offering that seem affordable to your pocket book, we then encourage donations of goods and services that will help compensate our teachers and off set our operating cost. 

   We are however in great need of financial donations. It is very expensive to maintain, remodel, and restore our Victorian school building. Until now, Elf Stone has been funded almost entirely by our founder who is living in poverty to make this happen. To date he has invested 20 years of full time labor, and a half million dollars of his own money, but was left destitute by the great recession.  

If you wish for a tax deductible receipt please notify us.

Checks can be made out to Elf Stone Inc. and mailed to 2046 N 2nd street Milwaukee, WI, 53212

Email contact can be made through -

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